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man welding in MonroevilleMonroeville is located in the great State of Alabama, which lies in the center of America’s fastest growing region and fourth largest economy in the world, the southeastern United States. Alabama is a pro-business, right-to-work state that is home to over 350 international companies from 28 countries including Airbus, Honda, Hyundai, and Mercedes.

Monroeville’s geographic position provides a strategic advantage for businesses and industries seeking to capitalize within the region and the United States. Monroeville is accessible to two-thirds of the American economy by truck transportation within a 24-hour time span, connects to five major rail carriers, and is a 90 minute drive to the state-of-the-art container and intermodal terminals at the Port of Alabama at Mobile.

Monroeville also prides itself on its unique international business legacy that began more than 70 years ago when Vanity Fair International established its corporate offices here in 1937. Parsons & Whittemore, an international pulp and paper manufacturer, invested over $1.4B in its facilities and infrastructure before being acquired by global giant, Georgia Pacific, and its subsidiary, Georgia Pacific Cellulose. Their new facility, Alabama River Cellulose, continues the international business legacy, and currently operates as Monroe County’s largest employer. 

The Monroeville/Monroe County Economic Development Authority (MMCEDA) understands that attracting business and industry, growing and sustaining jobs, and cultivating a quality workforce are keys to maintaining a healthy, strong pro-business climate. The MMCEDA strives to improve the economic outlook by targeting specific industry sectors, developing shovel-ready sites, and offering competitive incentive packages. Coastal Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance, Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, and the Southeast Regional Development Center (SRDC) also assist in providing programs and services to meet the needs of our future and existing businesses.

Partnerships remain crucial in moving the pro-business climate forward as Alabama Industrial Development Training. Alabama Southern Community College, and Alabama Technology Network possess a national reputation for providing strong workforce development programs. These organizations train and preserve the highly skilled workforce needed to meet the demands for new and existing business and industry.

Monroeville’s newest partner, the SoZo Group, is forging a direct economic development relationship between Alabama and China with the Alabama China Partnership events in Monroeville. These events are designed to strengthen the economic bonds between the partners by encouraging international direct investment and increased dialogue. Monroeville is proud to be the home for the ACP events, and by embracing the past and focusing on the future, Monroeville continues to be open to NEW IDEAS, NEW PEOPLE, and NEW OPPORTUNITIES